TMT: How to stay generous by consuming egg 

  Want to be generous?  Eat EGG -Study

 Need a help from someone?  Perhaps you should make sure the person has eaten EGG for breakfast. Or are you hoping to ask for money from someone? Pray that the person eats EGG before getting down to business, it  might be a good idea.

  You might wonder HOW? and WHY?

This is because EGG has been found to do more than giving proteins & vitamin to the body.

 Out of the factors that influence people’s kindness to help, one thing that may not readily make the list is the kind of food people eat.

 But it is rather amazing to note that eating of Egg yes! EGGs, can activate or increase human’s instinct to help others especially in giving out money.

 Now, According to my study I found out that a compound in EGG called tryptophan ( an  Essential Acid ) acts on brain chemicals like serotonin hormone, ( also known as happy hormone in humans ) which triggers that charity instinct of the consumer whether Man or Woman.
 The study further revealed that when people eat eggs as recommended the tryptophan found in EGGs activates the serotonin hormone in humans and stimulates them to donate cheerfully.

In fact in Biochemistry an imbalance in serotonin levels may influence mood in a way that leads to depression, which explains how powerful the serotonin hormone is influencing moods.

   One thing I want us to know is that some food can increase the willingness to donate money and influence how people help others.

NB:Tryptophan E. Amino acid can also be found in fish, milk, cheese and soya.
Compiled by; Omowole Adetomiwa   ( TmT)

BCH 300l

COURSE : BIOCHEMISTRY (Department of Chemical Science.)



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