HILARIOUS: Woman gives husband a shocking response after escaping death 

Got this fiction writeup from a WhatsApp group and I decided to share it with you guys 

This Conversation came up when the husband returned from work

WIFE:   Darling why are you home this early wearing such a long face?

HUSBAND:   Had a terrible day, I lost all my colleagues today at work

WIFE:   Blood of Jesus!  What happened?

HUSBAND:  There was a fire out break down the tunnel and everybody died!

WIFE:  What a pity! Darling I thank God for keeping U alive. How did you make it out my dear?

HUSBAND:   Darling, it was God`s work. My stomach was upsetting me so, I took a break to ease myself in the toilet.

WIFE:   Darling, thank God you are alive. What would have happened to us? I feel so much pity for their families, how are   they going to survive now?

HUSBAND:  My dear it’s a pity, but UNITED NATIONS has decided to give the families of the deceased $10 million each.

WIFE:  What? !!!! ten million what? So because of your useless stomach upset and the foolish toilet and your refusal to die with your colleagues………make me miss that money?? I beg if you don’t like trouble , go back and die with your colleagues.

Women will always be women 


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