FEATURED : Two Things 

Two things that have no benefit

1. Love without sacrifice

2. Marriage without love
Two things that entrench love

1. Good habits

2. Honesty
Two things that destroy a man

1. Living a fake life

2. Lack of focus

Two things that destroy a woman

1. Love for materialism

2. Imitation or comparison
Two things that destroy friendship

1. Lies

2. Back biting or distrust
Two things that enhance charisma

1. Trustworthiness

2. Steadfastness in serving God
Two things that bring about misery

1. Disrespect for elders

2. False accusation
Two things that bring about happiness

1. Doing good deeds

2. Patience
Two things that bring one close to God

1. Reading & Studying the Word of GOD

2. Abiding by GOD’s instructions
Two things that make devil to keep away from one

1. Be God fearing

2. Avoiding selfishness
Two things that aid answers to prayers

1. Fasting

2. Thanksgiving
Two things that God loves

1. Giving

2. Winning souls
Two reasons why I sent this message to you

1. Because you are God’s image

2. Because God loves you
Two things I want you to do after you have read this message

1. Use, work and adhere to this message

2. Send the message to your family and friends.

God bless u richly


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