Welcome to this week’s edition of FUNNY ENOUGH

1. Please what kind of grandma is this…. 

2. I seriously pity 😐 this bros…  

3. This prayer is necessary.. .. When you ask some people for a favour they be like Baba no dey whine me, “no be you just finish Fanta and gala you get money Na”

:?:?:? abeg who gala help, abeg gala is #50 Fanta is #150, so Na #200 make me look like rich man, continue. 

4. Eh I tire oo or maybe the eggs are layed by the GOLDEN EAGLETS 

5. Incase he doesn’t know he’ll die searching. . . even if he finds a gal with such birthday she’ll find a solution I trust Naija babes

6. Though the haven’t experienced this before 🙄 :roll:… But It seems lit


6. Help me ask him ooo 

7. Edo girls and lies 5&6

8.  I have no words to say 😯😯😯

That’s all for this week do join us nextweek 😉 😉 😉 

Don’t forget to drop your comments 😉 😉 😉 


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